2010-2011 Plans

Having received the great news that the IHC is funding the History of Books & Material Texts Research Focus Group for a third year, we’re eager to continue developing our program of events for the year ahead and would be pleased to have your input.  We’d especially like to have indications of interest in our Research Share series, and to hear your suggestions for speakers to invite.

In addition to inviting speakers whose expertise is relevant to book history and textual materiality, we’re hoping to dovetail with the IHC’s “Geographies of Place” theme for this year (see http://www.ihc.ucsb.edu/category/series/geographies-of-place/ for more info).  If there’s a speaker you’d especially like to see, please send a name our way.

Research Share with Sophia Rochmes & Ulrich Keller

Friday, May 28 | Crowell Reading Room, 6028 HSSB | 3:00-4:30

Sophia Rochmes will discuss Jean Mielot’s Speculum Humanae Salvationis for Philip the Good (1396-1467), a draft of a manuscript containing Mielot’s translation of the Latin typological book.  This minute provides ample evidence to discuss issues of production and use of luxury manuscripts in the court of Philip the Good, including the relationship of text to image, the relationship of format to use, and the functions of books in the ducal library.

Ulrich Keller will share his research on text/image packages published in mass circulation magazines like LIFE, and in popular, large-edition books. Photographs shot for and published by LIFE with captions and texts have a way of resurfacing decades later in art galleries and museum exhibitions as expensive collectors’ items, assuming a very different appearance and meaning compared to the original publication.

Presentations will be followed by discussion.  We certainly hope to see you there!