Johanna Drucker: Learning from the Codex

Friday, February 19, 4:00pm

McCune Conference Room, HSSB

Johanna Drucker is author, book artist, visual theorist and cultural critic. She holds the Martin and Bernard Breslauer Professorship, Department of Information Studies, UCLA.

Her talk will address our understanding of the way the graphical organization of codex books supports functionality has increased dramatically in the era of digital design activity. The analysis of format features and design elements in print, once approached largely from an aesthetic study of style or a bibliographical analysis of material production, is now focused on functions. This reassessment provides a foundation for the design of information structures in digital environments, but must be qualified by an engagement with new capabilities of electronic media. This talk suggests a few basic premises from the study of the codex as a diagrammatic space that might be of value in the design of digital environments at various scales.

Harry Reese (College of Creative Studies) and Alan Liu (English) will be respondents to Dr. Drucker’s talk, and their comments will be followed by a general discussion.

This event is co-sponsored by the departments of Art, History of Art and Architecture, Film and Media, the College of Creative Studies, and is endorsed by the English Department.