Material Texts in Medieval France, February 22

Anne-Marie Legaré and Olga Karaskova (Histoire de l’Art, Université de Lille-3)
Monday, February 22, 4:00pm

HSSB 6056

This event will feature two presentations by visiting scholars from Université de Lille-3:

Professor Anne-Marie Legaré, Histoire de l’Art:  “Refashioning Guillaume Deguilleville’s Pèlerinage de vie humaine: The Influence of Print on a Late Prose Manuscript Version (Geneva, Nat. Lib., ms. fr. 182)”

Olga Karaskova, Histoire de l’Art and Curator of The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg:  “The Manuscript Books of the Wives of René d’Anjou, Isabelle de Lorraine (c. 1400-53) and Jeanne de Laval (1433-98), in the National Library of Russia, Saint-Petersburg”

Discussion with the speakers will follow.

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