October 29 Research Share

Please join us October 29, from 3:30-5:00pm in Special Collections (3rd floor of Davidson Library) to hear presentations by Dorota Dutsch (Classics) and Theresa Russ (English.)

Dorota Dutsch will discuss her work on a 9th century Carolingian manuscript that was copied from a 5th century original, and Theresa Russ will present work on John Dryden and Jacob Tonson’s 1697 edition of The Works of Virgil.

Links relevant to Theresa Russ’s presentation are below:

Aeneid: Book 1 Intro

Aeneid: Book 6 line 450 forward

These are passages from The Aeneid in both Latin and Dryden’s elegant English couplets. Lightly annotated by Tom Jenkins.