October 29 Research Share

Please join us October 29, from 3:30-5:00pm in Special Collections (3rd floor of Davidson Library) to hear presentations by Dorota Dutsch (Classics) and Theresa Russ (English.)

Dorota Dutsch will discuss her work on a 9th century Carolingian manuscript that was copied from a 5th century original, and Theresa Russ will present work on John Dryden and Jacob Tonson’s 1697 edition of The Works of Virgil.

Links relevant to Theresa Russ’s presentation are below:

Aeneid: Book 1 Intro

Aeneid: Book 6 line 450 forward

These are passages from The Aeneid in both Latin and Dryden’s elegant English couplets. Lightly annotated by Tom Jenkins.

Art Symposium Presentation: Harry Reese

We are pleased to spread the word about Harry Reese’s upcoming presentation for the Art Symposium on October 6th.  Harry is an instrumental participant in the History of Books & Material Texts RFG, and this presentation will be an ideal chance to hear more about his beautiful and unique work with book arts.

Hope to see you there from
Broida Hall 1610
Tuesday, October 6th