2008-2009 Highlights

Thanks, all, for making our first year as an RFG so successful!

Our quarterly themes were “Books and the Law,” “Books and Bodies,” and “Sacred Texts/Paratexts.”  Highlights included a lecture by Emeritus Professor Mark Rose entitled “The Public Sphere and the Emergence of Copyright: Areopagitica, The Stationers Company, and the Statute of Anne,” a conference co-sponsored with Transliteracies History of Reading Group “Reading as a Social Technology” with keynote speakers Adrian Johns (University of Chicago) and Elaine Treharne (Florida State University), and a viewing and discussion of sacred texts in Special Collections at Davidson Library, including the Santa Barbara Bible from c. 1250.

Of course, these events were supplemented by more informal meetings, including reading discussions and research-sharing lunches.
Thanks again and stay tuned for details about plans for 2009-2010!